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The Archies

Photo diaries from travels around our humble globe are still being posted; the unemployment diary has been downsized as i am now employed! I hope to post stuff to keep you distracted from your respective employment.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Somewhere between very cool and very sad comes this: a life size X-wing fighter. "They're up for sale-- if you want them."

Random photoshop of the day, not done by me.

Jody, this one is just for you. Han Solo has been encased... in lego. He should be quite well protected. If he survives the freezing process that is.

Dear Mr Cruise:

Nice one.

Sincerely, Kevin Archibald

PS - Do you still have Nicole's number lying around?


You would think he learned from Bill Clinton that cigars never make scandals any better. But it seems that Tom Delay... the same Tom Delay who "argued against loosening sanctions against Cuba last year, DeLay warned that Fidel Castro "will take the money. Every dime that finds its way into Cuba first finds its way into Fidel Castro's blood-thirsty hands.... American consumers will get their fine cigars and their cheap sugar, but at the cost of our national honor.""

So well done Mr Delay, getting busted smoking a cuban cigar!! Which is of course, contraband in the USA!

Also, notice the creepy political advisor guy from 24 (mike novak is it?) seems to be beside him, advising him to listen to Jack Bauer and have Sheri put away....

Monday, April 25, 2005

As I filled up yesterday I couldn't help but notice that gas was 92 cents a litre. That's crazy prices. It's all i can do to begin the next sentance "I remember when.....".

So here's an interesting website. Basically, you build a profile for yourself, tell it about your cars (your "garage"), when you fill and what your odometer reads, and it will totally calculate all kinds of wierd and wonderful stuff about your car's fuel economy. For some reason, I find this interesting.

For more interesting info and the latest and greatest in driving news I also reccomend checking out http://www.hybridcars.com/

Friday, April 22, 2005

Whoa... GIANT magasine has an OFFICE SPACE reunion! Remind me to buy that! I'll stick it on my TPS report.

The movies you like the most are not the ones with best plot, but best characters.

Ron Livingston has been in 2 such films- Office Space and Swingers- both not a lot of plot. But *great* characters, and those movies you can watch again and again.

My fav character changes from month to month but it has settled on lawrence.

"I Tell you what i'd do man- 2 chicks at the same time!" I've worked that into too many inapropriate conversations!!

If you don't know which character you like at least you can learn which character you are like in this handy dandy quiz- "Which Office Space Character Are YOU?"

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A monkey swat team! Now that's an idea i could get behind. I think we should also arm them.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Go ahead and say it- you think this car looks REALLY ugly. I like it. But i always like wierd cars- the Smart, the BMW C1 scooter with a roof thing... (go on take a look) anything that doesn't look like a bloomin electric razor on wheels. Now this bad boy is cheap as chips to buy, gets about a penny a mile (that's a british penny!) , 600 "MPG" and has ZERO emissions. I want this car!!! Someday we will all be driving something like this.

Ok ... it might be a whole lot better looking, but you get the idea.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Curious about the Pope selection process? Wondering what's REALLY going on in the conclave? So were our friends at FARK who illistrated some of their ideas. (Apologies to catholic friends!!)

Aye Aye Captain!

Welcome to wildlife friday. Today's animal is the Aye-aye. Driven to near extinction by the locals because they believe it's a sign of bad luck. It's like a monkey (so points there), it eats bugs (more points) and it has a well cool name. Aye-ayes are native only to Madagascar.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oooo it will soon be time for the Yellow Submarine to hit the waters near you once again! Maybe i can take it out this weekend!

Obligatory Book Posting

Jodster from JPTH has asked me to complete this. So in the interests of interblogger relations, here you go!

What book do you want to be?

Eh? What? I don’t want to be no book sucka. I ain’t goin on no plane eitha.

But I would like to be as witty as say the dialogue in, Catch 22, or perhaps The Hitchhiker’s Guide series- particularly Life, The Universe, and Everything. (PS I’ve had it on good sources that the new movie is nowhere near as cool as the trailer.)

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
Absolutely. When I was a child I loved every long-haired girl on The Electric Company- I always hoped they would escape the dumping of water on the head. Soon that moved on to Daphne from Scooby-do (who didn’t love Daphne?)

The last book you bought is:

The last book I bought was probably the K-PAX trilogy. I was at an airport and wanted something easy going. I digested those books very quickly, considering their size. I really enjoyed them, particularly the second one- much better than the Kevin Spacey film (nothing against the gov’ner of the old vic). The third one Kind of removed doubt as to wether he was an alien or not, so I’m less inclined to like that one.

The last book you read was:
This is probably No Picnic on Mount Kenya loaned to me by a good mate. It’s the true story of a few Italian prisoners of war in a British POW camp in Africa who are so bored with their camp life that they decide to climb the enormous mountain behind their camp, not to escape, but simply to climb it, come back down and get recaptured. This is a real feat even with modern equipment, but these crazy guys do it by fashioning all their mountain climbing and survival tools out of common items found around the POW camp. It’s part escape story, part mountain climbing story, and it’s got the buddy thing going on. It’s an older translation from the Italian so some of the phrases and humor is a bit clunky, but what a tale!

Oh do Audiobooks count?? I recently listened to America: The Textbook- The Citizens Guide to Democracy Inaction. And it was HILARIOUS.

I also recently enjoyed Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose, Black Hawk Down and Killing Pueblo, both by Mark Bowden.

What are you currently reading?
Trying to do the daily Bible thing, but I’m falling off the wagon a bit! My wife is luckily there to crack the whip.

I’m actively reading Shaking Hands with the Devil by Romeo Dallaire. Really powerful stuff by the French-Canadian guy who led the intervention force in Rwanda, the one that the UN chickened out of after realizing there was nothing worth keeping the peace over and loosing its taste for peacekeeping in the Black Hawk Down incident of Mogidishu- one country over. If you’ve seen HOTEL RWANDA, Nick Nolte’s character is based on this fellow who can’t believe that he’s stopped from helping- and 800,000 Rwandans die because of it. I see now there is a film specific to Dallaire’s experience, I hope I can see that soon..

Five books you would take to a deserted island:

  1. Me Bible- Gotta say that or jodster will beat the tar out of me.
  2. Catch 22, Joseph Heller- I read this book till it fell apart, literally. My brother in law had to get me another one for Christmas! (I've started reading the sequel at least 3 times, and just plain lost interest each time. What does that say about me?)
  3. Animal Farm, George Orwell.. OK at only 100 pages I might want something a bit longer on a desert island, but I read it every year. I still cry when Boxer…..
  4. A Short History of Nearly Everything- Bill Bryson. Hey this science stuff is really interesting and it might come in handy. Bill Bryson makes it hilarious too.
  5. From here, I’m not sure. I could say raft building and survival etc, but I’m sure that defeats the purpose of the exercise!! Perhaps then Whale Music by Paul Quarrington. An excellent tale of Rock n’ Roll, family and amphetamines.

There you go Jodster!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Fiddling with satilite imagery is an interesting way to watch a lot of time disapear from you. The labs at google are probably making good use of their KEYHOLE purchase with an online imaging system- it's still in BETA, but you can view a lot of areas from the skies in a nice interface. What's almost as interesting as what you can see is what you CAN'T see. Politically sensitive areas are blurred (like the white house) or even whited right out, like this section of "Groom Lake" known to many as "Area 51". I'm sure censoring this will do nothing to quiet the tinfoil hat crowd!
--- KeV ARchIE --

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I fear to say it... but i think winter may be retreating. We can actually see the roads now.
--- KeV ARchIE --

Man, when i was young, aint' nothin got in the way of the infamous Jonesings of Cookie monster. That dude had serious cravings. Well, now that the blame for the overweight problem of america's youth can be placed squarely at his feet, he's changing his ways. In fact, as we learn in his new song, "A cookie is a sometimes food." Sheesh. I remember when it was good enough for the hairy fella.
--- KeV ARchIE --

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

You know, I used to read X-E every day, but lately they've gotten a bit sameish. But the man who made 80's entertainment a lifestyle, or perhaps a cult, was on hand at the releasing of the Revenge of the Sith toys at Toys R' Us, Times Square. He and a few thousand other people including many stormtroopers, Vaders, Bobas, and, yes, Jedi M&M's.
--- KeV ARchIE --

A couple StarWars themed posts today, (Jody rejoices). M&M's have released their dark chocolate version of the candy. So they've gone completely starwars (doesn't that follow?) with their website, using lots of clever names like the M-Pire Dark-Side Chocolate verses the Milk Chocolate Jedi Side. There's even a trailer complete with M&M's fighting with lightsabers. Yup.
--- KeV ARchIE --