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The Archies

Photo diaries from travels around our humble globe are still being posted; the unemployment diary has been downsized as i am now employed! I hope to post stuff to keep you distracted from your respective employment.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Man, I remember when Darth Vader was the scariest, evilest thing that a child could conceive. Now.... he seems cuddlier than an ewok!

He makes buisness deals with M&M, Orange Mobile, goes on wheel of fortune, rollercoasters, and thanks to burger king, will tell you if you are thinking of a donkey. Who is this guy's agent? He'll be on Hollywood Squares soon!

But i can't help but reccomend seeing his commercial for Target Supermarket. Clearly, Vader must make inroads to get his produce- he has to feed an entire space station. Upon seeing Heidi Klum, i think he feels a tremor in the force.


  • At 2:31 PM, Blogger JODSTER said…

    This is a little old. It ws part of a wake up feature for Target many moons ago.

    Still pretty funny though.

    And better than the cheesy Chewbacca ring tones recording session one on right now..


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