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The Archies

Photo diaries from travels around our humble globe are still being posted; the unemployment diary has been downsized as i am now employed! I hope to post stuff to keep you distracted from your respective employment.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Unemployment Diary: Day whatever. Days can really fill up quickly if you aren't careful. You make your plans and get into one or two distractions and you find the day gets away from you. Anyhow, after few bites on the old resume, I've completely revamped it, particularly the cover letter. I'm seeing an old friend from college tonight who will invest in me some books and stuff so I can brush up on my well outdated skills, things like .NET and the like which people seem to be gagging for out there. Or i could just tend bar :) Here's me in Henry Cowell State park admiring a big old redwood- this one as tall as the statue of liberty, so sayeth the pamphlet. -Kev Posted by Hello


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